Weekend Plans and Eats

This weekend we have plans to eat out on Friday and Saturday.  I'm off to Pilates on Saturday, errands, and finishing the wedding thank you notes.  I am in the home stretch but have some sort of mental block for the remaining fifteen.  I will finish these notes!  Sunday I am hoping to make it to the Beach to check out this new exhibit at the Wolfsoinain. 

Tonight we are headed to a quirky Miami place I've been wanting to try - El Carejo, a tapas bar connected to a gas station.  I'm a bit concerned about the lack of natural light (a thing of mine), but it gets good reviews and it is just the right amount of novelty and adventure for my Friday night. Tomorrow we're headed to somewhere a bit shinier in Midtown (locale TBD) as it's Miami Spice (Miami's restaurant month).  This little Greek gem is calling my name for a try. 

El Carejo - fill 'er up and I'll have the Pinot. 

Kouzina Bistro, the Saturday night locale of choice. 

We'll see how they are! 

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  1. I'll never forget my first time to El Carajo! Such a funny place, but the food was OK, the wine was GREAT!