Recipes on the list - spring theme!

Warning: if you hate peas, come back to this blog another day.

I'm not sure if everyone knows my love for peas.  I have a bag or two of frozen in my freezer at all times.  They are sweet, add such nice color to dishes and are cute.  That cute comment is a serious one. Peas make the composition of dishes look much better, and I love the taste.  Fresh peas in spring are a real treat.  Here are a few pea recipes I will be making in the coming weeks.  Let me know if you try one and what you think!

Toast with lemony pea mash from Bon Appetit  magazine.  I cannot WAIT to make this. Also something you could make ahead for a party/cocktail spread which is nice.

Springtime frittata from Yummly.  Frittatas are a great weeknight dish.  Scrambled eggs in a more civilized form.  This also makes a great leftover lunch on its own or served on top of arugula with a little vinaigrette.

This Minty Pea Soup from Bon Appetit looks so light and springy.  Reminds me of a dish served at a bridal or baby shower, ladies lunching in the best possible way.

Ina's Pesto Pea Salad is amazing.  My mother in law made it a few years ago and I still remember it.  A great spring/summer side dish with grilled chicken or by itself for a light dinner maybe even enjoyed while sitting outside!

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Spring doors

Spring is not really kicking into the gear at the pace desired (so I hear).   I wanted to post a few doorways with a spring theme as a mini pick up for this Tuesday.  

Here's to wishing for little buds blooming as soon as possible!

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Weekend recap

Happy almost spring!  It happens Thursday!

I'm off a great weekend, my dad and stepmom came into town.  We went to our favorite treat Miami spot for dinner and then crossed off a Miami bucket list activity on Saturday.  On Saturday night we went to Whisk, our cozy neighborhood locale for an easy, tasty dinner or brunch.  Their avocado BLT, Pimento cheese toast, and BBQ chicken salad are my faves.


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On my Spring list

For Spring I am eyeing a few things I might nab. They are....

New makeup brushes.  I have this Sephora brush (great for gym bag/travel) and one Bobbi Brown eyeliner brush, then applying everything else with my fingers.  It may be time to refresh this.  These brushes from Target are right on the price.

These shoes are adorable.  I saw them first on Sequins and Stripes and the more I see, the more I want to have!  Great shoes to pair with all my solid clothing....

These linen tops from Old Navy look much more expensive than they are.  I have the blue, but think I the black and white will be a solid staple update.

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Recipe recap - mango salsa

It is Spring in Miami.  It is like everyone puts on a fresh pair of contacts each morning.  The air is free of humidity.  It is clearer, crisper, and what everyone loves about South Florida this time of year.

On Sunday I made fish tacos for dinner.  I found another Trader Joe's staple, their corn taco shells.  I like the texture of a corn soft tortilla.  Here they are in case you want to try - 

Onto the tacos. I sauteed some white fish in a pan with cumin, salt and pepper, served with shredded cabbage, black refried beans (another pantry staple in our house), feta crumbles, and a fresh mango salsa.  I winged the salsa recipe, it turned out quite nicely.  I thought I would share - 

Mango salsa 

2 mangos - not too firm, not to ripe, just right if you can...diced into 1/2 inch cubes
1 jalapeno, seeded and diced into small pieces
1/2 red bell pepper, seeded and diced into small pieces
1/2 red onion, diced into small as you can get pieces
1/2 cup cilantro chopped and destemed
salt to taste

This made a lot. I have been eating it as a salad dressing on a fish taco salad of sorts for lunch yesterday and today.  You could half this recipe if it was for two people and still have leftovers for sure.  

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