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Oh hi.  So I'm not going to pretend that I just forgot that I started a blog then a few months later decided I had had enough.  These past six weeks have been a whirlwind.  After six (seven...) months from when I moved to FL, I have finally landed on my feet in the full-time employment world.  Towards the end there, things were getting hairy.  Thoughts and movements towards looking for jobs in other cities and making another move were truly in the cards.  I was getting pretty desperate (honest moment) and can now only mention this because I seem to have found a great match for me in the job department.  This is my third week there and I really do like it.  This in itself is a blessing, because we were in an "any port in the storm" situation.  So to actually have found a job and actually like the work, and like the people.  I do feel like a lucky duck.  

So apologies for my online neglect.  More posts about food, fashion, and FL travel (I've been casing this state the past few weekends!) coming soon that I am excited to share my 2 dozen-plus readership.  

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