Idiot Brother

Have you seen this movie?  I thought it looked amusing when I saw the previews, but never got my act together to see it in theaters.  Luckily it made it's way onto our Netflix queue and arrived last week.  We've been pretty 50/50 with some of our movie selections.  With my personal theory being if all the previews look horrible on the DVD before the feature, you're doomed.  Well this my friends was a complete success.  The movie has an incredible all-star ensemble cast that works so well together and the story is sweet, endearing, and witty.  I would recommend this movie whole-heartedly. 

About a brother with three very different sisters, they all love him and his simple, do-good attitude.  But his naivete doesn't always serve him best, and creates a tale of family complications, both funny and sad that is enjoyable to watch play out.  The cast of characters is fantastic and the settings of NYC, upstate New York (I think, maybe Vermont or New Hampshire) are great to see, and the storyline weaves everything together in a way that when the movie wraps up you feel a contentment that few movies bring these days.

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