A Repeat Marriage

I must share a happenstance recipe success.  This does not involve careful planning and inspiration, this involves two old classics, one that I did not even make, for a sum greater than it's parts.  Allow me to be more specific -



I made Nestle's Toll House Recipe for chocolate chip cookies with the mini-morsels (I like these better myself) a few weeks ago.  When the batter was ready I opened up the freezer to get some ice for a drink, and I saw that lone sleeve of thin mints.  I put them in there because we all know that once a sleeve is opened, it does not linger, and some self-control is necessary.  So I plucked it right out of the sleeve, threw them in a freezer bag, crushing them with a rolling pin and threw the delicious crumbs in the batter.  Oh man.  I did not have dinner because of ensuing batter ingestion.  So ladylike.  I brought them to a Super Bowl Party and was smiling like the Cheshire Cat as I overheard people musing, "Have you had one of these cookies?!" to their friends.  Ultimate potluck personal success.  Ultimate deliciousness hands down.

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