Will upgrade by 2015?

Honestly, I am kind of a Luddite.  Everybody prioritizes how they want to spend their monies, and for me, a new phone, a cool TV, etc does not really do it for me.  I'd rather splurge on clothes, home ware, etc.  I currently have a solider of a Blackberry from 2008 that was my friend's from her former job.  Hey, it gets the job done in having access to my email and sometimes googling maps for directions.  One day when due for an upgrade, or even getting someone's leftovers when they must upgrade to the latest greatest version, it would be great to get an iPhone.  The one thing I would love was a decent camera on my phone, other than that for now I'm OK to wait to load, for just about everything.

If I did get iPhone, as I'm not always so nice to my technology - being catapulted out of clutches and slipping out of my hands while juggling grocery bags - I would need a hard case. This tortoise shell hard case from Incase would be my top choice.  I think it's great looking and not too juvenile which some of the colored/patterend cases can be.  You like?

Images via Incase.

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