Paper love for love day

I thought I would share some adorable cards I found for V-day, coming around the bend next Tuesday.  Single or spoken for, I love to send out cards to friends around this time, who doesn't like getting a "hi - thinking about you, miss you!" note in the middle of February?  Fun cards with a great new pink or red pen and maybe some snazzy stamps and I have a great Saturday afternoon activity.  I could seriously be a professional note writer - is that a thing? 

These cards are from some of my favorite paper spots.  Mr. Boddington has inventive messages with sweet visuals - they made the perfect pairs and chevron options.  I also love Snow & Graham, a Chicago paper company with wonderful products; they did the cupcake card.  I love their calendars, note cards - everything is done so well and creatively.  Kate Spade takes credit for a great box set of sealed with a kiss cards, the striped lining in the envelopes is an added bonus for sure.  Rifle Paper Co. a favorite among some bloggers I read, does such a a great job and is a Florida company - little current state pride here!  I sent out their postcards for Christmas this year, and they are credited with the adorable above postcards, the balloon card, and the candy hearts cards - all such lovely options.  Crane's did the simple but sweet xo card, a good staple to keep in your card drawer regardless of the time of year.  The hump card (sorry if you think is crude), and mac and cheese card (a personal fave) are from Kate's Paperie online.  I spent long lunches at Kate's, a NYC paper shop, wandering around when I worked near Columbus Circle and had to run out to get last minute extra invitations for an event for work.  I could spend hours in a paper store, I think they are such warm fun places to be.  We all have our vices.  xoxo

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