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All this squawking about the holidays being a magical time of year is true.  For some.  For others it can be stressful, lonely, even sad.  The build up of the seasons by the media, our friends, coworkers may make one feel guilty about "not getting into it."  But, if someone is experiencing something negative or sad, the holidays have a way of exacerbating those feelings.  Loss, sickness, family strife, and general sadness can all take an extra toll during the holidays.

My advice would to be as active as you can possibly be, talk to those who provide you support, and buy this book.  No, it is not an advice book.  It is a hilarious darkly funny book of short stories by David Sedaris about the holidays.  I read it only last year, yet thought to myself, I really could have used this when I was having a tougher holiday a few years ago.  That is because tears from laughing so hard as he describes being a holiday elf at Macy's in New York City (Sedaris actually was one) were falling down my cheeks.  He also has a hilarious and kind of sick short story about a family that will do anything to make the perfect holiday newsletter to send out each year.  It really makes you laugh at all the hoopla and sit back and value what you think is important for the next couple of weeks.  So if you have a friend who you know might not be gunning for the holidays quite as much as the rest, give them this book.  They need to have a slightly dark sense of humor - you've been warned.  It'll hopefully provide them with some relief in not feeling guilty about not caring as much about trimming the tree this year.  It's ok, really.

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