Hello again!

Hi few dear readers,

Sorry for the MIA business.  I hope everyone is preparing for the holidays and looking forward to some cheer, family time, a nice meal, dressing up your pet in a cute hat (these all may be things I am looking forward to).  Living in a warm place is REALLY throwing my personal calendar off.  I am not directly complaining that it has been 78 and sunny for the past two weeks, but this is not December in my experience!  I am glad to be taking off to a snowy locale to celebrate Christmas to maybe check myself in that it will be January 1 in less than ten days.

I don't know how people really keep track of time if they have lived in a warm weather place for many years, the time blends!  I was talking with a friend about it when I was home for Thanksgiving and she made a funny and I think somewhat true comment.  "I don't think I could live somewhere like that, I need to live somewhere where to weather makes me suffer somewhat during the year."  Now the heat is nothing to mess with during the summer in South Florida, but it is the total opposite of when I "appreciate" good weather.  In Chicago everyone buckles down during the winter with the holidays, the Blackhawks, and a decent amount of drinking getting them through to the wonder of a Chicago summer.

This is not to say that I do not LOVE being able to walk out my door in shorts and t-shirt to walk the dog at all hours.  I never have an excuse not to go on a run, and really enjoying being outside!   I also do not think my legs have ever been this shade in December.

So I hope everyone has a great holiday and enjoys the people around them!

xo, katherine

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