Ginger alert

No I am not referring to a missing person.  (P.S. Is everyone aware of what a silver alert is?  I was not.  Until I moved to Florida.)

In any event, I am obsessed with ginger.  Sweet, savory, cut up pieces in hot water for a simple tea  - you name it.  So when Bon Appetit's Holiday cookie a day recipe appeared today, I may have squealed a wee bit.  The recipe is a triple threat - raw, powered, and crystallized ginger are required for these tasty delights.  (Note: you can find good, inexpensive crystallized ginger at World Market.)  We're having people over this weekend for a small party and I will be making these Chewy Ginger Cookies for the spread.  But not until Friday, otherwise I may consume all 48 prior to the party.

Image via bon appetit

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