Be my guest - part two

January to April is high visitor season in these parts.  Family and friends from the north trickle down in search of Vitamin D and in hopes of replenishing color to their extremities.

The first thing I do is a sweep of the guest bathroom in preparation of their arrival.  This includes bleaching shower, sink and toilet; putting out fresh towels and bathmat.  I put a new guest soap by the sink and in the shower, making sure there is tons of toilet paper below the sink (so no one has to ask).  I keep my old blowdryer below the sink and also have a little first-aid kit with bandaids, nail clippers, Advil, and nail polish remover.  On the back of the toilette I keep a stash of sunscreen and a bowl with q-tips and cotton balls.  I try to put a single bloom on the sink and ta-daaaa the bathroom is ready for guests.

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  1. So very thoughtful! What a nice hostess. :)