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I have read a few very good books lately.  Here's a brief run-down, as well as a couple on my short "to read" list.  Any suggestions I'm missing?

The Silver Star by Jeanette Walls.  Years ago I read The Glass Castle and remembered really enjoying it.  Full disclosure - I bought this book in the SFO Hudson News airport kiosk, as it seemed the pick of the litter.  I read it all the way back east. And it was. Her descriptions of people and their interactions are true and lovely.

Going Clear - Hollywood, Scientology and the Prison of Belief by Lawrence Wright.  This book is insane.  The first hundred pages are a bit dense and then you feel as if you are reading science fiction, but nope, it happened.  Wright did painstaking research and I recommend reading this NYT review for more info.

The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer.  A piece was done on Meg yesterday on NPR.  It is a great coming of age, Reality Bites type theme but with the creative detail and imagination of a wonderful story. Friendships change over time as life develops and plays out.  These friends meet at summer camp, exploring their successes in life as viewed through their own lenses and their friends as they grow into adulthood.  A great book. 

To Read 

The Most Of Nora Ephron.  I gave this to a friend for our Secret Santa exchange.  Wry humor about women in the world and all the roles we play and dodge and embrace.  This is most of her essays over time compiled into one volume to keep for a long time.

One More Thing by GJ Novak. Honestly, I do not think about reading this book.  A Cup of Jo's review convinced me to give it a shot, "It's one of those books you're excited to read at the end of a long day—you actually laugh out loud and then think about the story as you're falling asleep."

Monsters: The 1985 Chicago Bears and The Wild Heart of Football by Rich Cohen.  I learned about this book from a WSJ review and knew I had to give it to R.  This is a great book to give any guy (or girl!) in your life with a love for Chicago and the Bears.  I gave it to R for Christmas, then gave it to his brother for his birthday, then we just gave his dad a copy for Valentine's Day.  Sometimes you really hit the mark with a gift, and this did it.  

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  1. I have The Intrestings sitting on the shelf waiting for me. Good to know it's good! :)