Weekend cooking plans

Every weekend (if not traveling), I try to make at least one new recipe.  I find nothing more restorative and calming than standing in my kitchen on a weekend afternoon, listening to music or having sports on a dull roar in the background and making something for the week ahead.  Last weekend I tried a new soup recipe I might make for Thanksgiving. White bean with rosemary by Ina, how could it go wrong (sounds like her, no?). I am tasked with soup for the meal - fine by me!

Sunday night is a night I really try to put in that extra 10% for a nice family meal.  Candles, cloth napkins, music on (maybe even make a play list if I'm organized, that has never happened ps), more than one course (aka make a dessert and a main course).

This weekend I am attempting to make bread for the first time.  I'm a bit nervous and excited!  Dinner will be a Nicoise salad (new recipe) with hopefully a semi-successful loaf of bread on Sunday.  I am also making a Thai butternut squash soup to have on hand for lunch this upcoming week. Pictures and recipes to come my friends, this bread could be entertaining.

(A vision of my kitchen on Sunday for sure).


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