Chicken wine

I am always on the lookout for a good, solid bottle of wine under $12.  Honestly I do not know enough (at this point) about wine to truly appreciate really fine wine.  I know what I think tastes good and I pretty much go from there.

I was introduced to this wine by a friend who went to a dinner party and the couple hosting raved about this "fine French wine."  He enjoyed it at the party, remembered the name, and looked it up online when he got home to see where he could buy it.  It is 8 dollars a bottle.  So much for fine wine, but it sure is tasty.  I enjoy both the red and white.  (I haven't tried the rose.)  We had a party last year and bucked up buying a case of each and it pretty much took us through the year.  When watching a movie on a weeknight, sipping a glass that is under $2 and still quite good is fine by me.

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