Parties That Throw Themselves

In the Off Duty section (I look forward to it every week) of today's Wall Street Journal was a great piece about LA based event planner Yifat Oren by Katherine Rosman. Oren's approach to entertaining is exactly how I think a get together should be.  She says she often makes two soups in the morning, letting them simmer in her then clean kitchen all day, and right before guests arrive she will grill some fresh bread - voilĂ  the party has started.  Another nugget Oren shares is she always has champagne. "Have you ever been to a bad party where they serve good Champagne?" she asks.  "Me neither."  Wise words.

Here is Oren in her Laurel Canyon home.  Check out the article!  It has a slide show of other places in her house which is cool to see.  She works with stars, recently planning Reese Witherspoon's wedding.  Need I say more?  Her "careful carelessness" attitude of decorating and entertaining is what I think makes a fun, easy with practice, and memorable party for guests and hosts alike. 

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