Collaboration station

Joy of joys, an iconic American clothing maker (in my opinion) and one of my favorite stores have joined forces.  Anthropologie and Pendleton came out with some wonderful pieces for fall.  Anddd, the holiday wish list has begun.  I love this one this most.

This one screams "Just around the river bend!" a bit too much for my taste.

This is chic "I'm running away from home."  To be stylish on a picnic is on my to-do list (it's not that high up though honestly)...

I have a thing for thick ponchos/long sweaters.  So apt for my current locale I realize.  Lucky for me I bounce around a fair amount, and maybe if it dips below 60 at some point I could wear it out with white jeans.  Miami and Pendleton aren't necessarily a natural fit, but I am up for the challenge.

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