Halloween hater?

I have been at war with Halloween for a few years now.  If I have a fun house party to go to, I love to dress up.  But do I like to pay north of $60 for a costume I can't try on and now start to look age-inappropriate in?  No gracias.  Do I like to go to a bar where it is bad/equal to New Years for amateur hour?  Nope.  Am I a buzz kill?  Maybe.  I do love to carve pumpkins, eat York Peppermint Patties, and see little kids and clever adults in costume.  I've never been one for a risque costume in the first place.  In college I was a lobster one year and a booze hound (a dog made from beer related objects...I know) another.   If I was invited to a cool Halloween party I would go all-out.  But as of late, I just throw on the dirndl I bought in Munich when I was abroad in college and call it a day.

This is from The Lonny Blog's Watercolor Wednesdays yesterday by Caitlin McGauley.  It is called "Candy Corn Love," I love her work!  Some people have candy corn problems.  I suffer from more of a potato chip problem, so I'm safe in that respect.

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