Wanted: side table

We have been in our place in Miami for a little over two months now.   I must say I think it is looking pretty good!  We're in a two bedroom duplex with an open living area.  We found out long distance moves were charged by the pound, so we had a Craig's List bonanza before we left.  Some dear soul paid $100 for my big mama Ikea dresser.  It served me well, was starting to fall apart, and was a beast of a piece of furniture (weighed about 180 pounds).  My dad recently moved into another house in DC and is downsizing somewhat so I asked if there were any extra dressers that could be shipped down here.  I would MUCH rather have a nice piece of furniture I can hold onto for a very long time than another so-so piece that still isn't cheap!  The dresser arrived Friday and I'm thrilled (pic to post soon).

The last piece of furniture we need in the master bedroom is a small side table to put a drink/book on next to an arm chair in the corner of the room.  (It is very exciting to have a grown up bedroom where you can spend time and not just hop in and out of bed landing in the living room ala my last NYC abode.)

Counter to my above point about having a nice piece, I would love a cute side table that is under $200.  Most of the furniture we have in the bedroom seems formal for whatever reason, so something fresh and modern is what I'm looking for.

This is what I've found....thoughts?

This one is from CB2.  I think it's a good option and the price is right.

My obsession with Pendleton continues.  Although I'm afraid I'm falling into the trap of "too much brown furniture," talked about it in this past weekend's WSJ...

West Elm has some great pieces, but sometimes I feel they are slightly overpriced for what they are.  This framed side table though is a solid option.

I think these would be adorable as matching bedside tables, and I love the yellow.  It's called the Gigi nightstand from Urban Outfitters!  But it could be nice since the chair has a little yellow stripe in the plaid, yet I don't want to be "matchy matchy."

Brown strikes again.  Not to mention I have a thing for bamboo, and it's a little too pricey I think.  It is from Ballard Designs which I think has great pieces and they are good quality. We bought this bookshelf last month for the dining room and it looks great.  So I love this piece even after all the aforementioned minuses.  And, at this stage in the decorating/designing game I try to find pieces that I can mix in the next place I live with ease.  Which is maybe why I gravitate to the neutral tones....

What do you think??

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  1. really liking the CB2 and Urban Outfitters options