Wellness Wednesday - Smoothies

Recently I have been making smoothies for breakfast.  They are easy and I normally make too much so I throw the rest in the fridge still in the blender and take it out for a snack adding some extra ice cubes and reblending in the late afternoon.  Some tricks I have learned along the way....

Take fruits that are on the fritz and cut them up in small pieces and throwing in the freezer in small plastic bags.  This is your ice so you have more flavor and better texture.  Also the ripe fruit will have a higher sugar content so this is your smoothies sweetness without adding any additional sugar.  I use diary in my smoothies, normally about 6 oz of skim milk and some nonfat organic plain yogurt.  I don't use vanilla yogurt because of the extra sugar content it adds.  I add the yogurt in batches/spoonfuls until I have my desired consistency.  I then cut up a piece of fresh fruit or two and also add some kale leaves torn up and ginger minced.  I haven't used any additives like flax seeds yet, but I'm intrigued...I might pick something up on my next Whole Foods run.  My favorite combination thus far has been pear, banana, kale and ginger.  Yesterday morning I added a little apple cider idling in the back of the fridge to an apple banana smoothie, pretty sweet, but delicious. 


My smoothies do not look resemble this cornucopia of fruit in the slightest.  But my camera is dead and a stock image it is today.  

Next week I will start a little Wed through Wed project I'll write about here.  I am excited to share. 

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