Wellness Wednesday - Spartan Week Recap

Everything in moderation...including moderation." ~ Julia Child

The week before Thanksgiving I wanted to give up meat, coffee, booze, and sweets for a week.  This was in an effort to get my food choice on track before the holidays came and went, then wondering (knowing) why make pants were a little snug at the end of it all.  It was also to see if limiting these things had any discernible effect on me.  As I said, I know a week is not a very long time so it would probably be too short of a time to notice anything.  In terms of how my body felt, that proved to be correct.  In terms of my mind, I learned/reinforced a couple things about my diet and general mind frame on eating.

I come from stubborn stock, on both sides.  As soon as I'm told I cannot have anything of one thing - I want it more.  I wholly believe in everything in moderation and that is the key to a good diet and mind.  Everyone has their weaknesses and I combat them by not keeping those things in the house (read: potato chips and cookies).  But when out to lunch on a Saturday I'll get a small bag of chips with my sandwich and maybe even a cookie.  I have a little bit of what I love to eat and keep moving.  By not allowing say that one cookie I will allow myself other things (e.g. cheese) and eat more than I should because I feel like a saint (relatively) for giving up all those other things.

One thing that I do not think is good for you in the slightest is fake sugar/artificial sweetener.  I may have a Diet Coke once in a blue moon, but it cannot be good for you and I very much limit it in my diet.  In terms of diet products, I think if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  You're better off just eating a little of the real stuff, whatever that may be.

Lastly, a confession.  I didn't make it the whole week and flubbed on one thing - the booze.  I was home in DC on Monday and my dad and I had a wonderful meal out - lots of great conversation and a bottle of red wine to split.  So sorry about that.  But I say live in the moment, don't get carried away, and hop on the treadmill.
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