Wellness Wednesday - Tardy and Preholiday Edition

I have been absent for the past week, my apologies!  My brother and old friend came into town for the weekend and I've been busy in general.  OK, lame excuse over, we know that the next six weeks are crazy for most everyone.  Holiday parties, gift buying for family, bosses, friends, traveling, and avoiding getting sick during all of this! 

I have been blessed with a pretty decent metabolism and I try to exercise a good amount to keep it up.  A couple years ago I turned to my friend on a walk when we were both home for the holidays, saying I think I was gaining some weight between her mom's cookies and my love for mashed potatos.  We laughed and said it's downhill from here, no longer are the days where a few days of salads put us back on track.  Efforts and routine need to be implemented before the holidays begin so you/I don't get caught up in the desserts, cocktails, and airport snacks in the coming weeks.  And, that fact that I'm wearing shorts as I type this and it was 90 yesterday, I cannot hide in my cords and sweaters which is just as well.

All this yapping is leading up to my thought to cut back on unhealthy food for the week before Thanksgiving to get myself on track for the holidays.  I am a MAJOR creature of habit, and so when I start to eat unhealthy, extra two cookies before bed?  Sure.  Late night diner food with high school friends?  No problem.  So I have committed for the next week (Thursday to Wednesday) to cut out all sweets and booze.  While I'm making the effort I have decided to give my body a break on the hard to digest foods as well.  That means no meat, coffee, white carbs, and processed and/or fried foods. 

I am going to report back next week about if I think it made a difference.  Not just on the waistline but my overall mood, skin, etc.  I realize a week is probably not long enough to see major changes.  But my thought is that if people did this every month or two it would be a great way to recharge into healthy eating.  Honestly the hardest thing for me is going to be the coffee.  People that say "Just drink tea," obviously haven't met me in an airport before 9 am.  So may I apologize in advance to my fellow travelers next week. 

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