DL 1961

A few years ago when skinny jeans came onto the scene, I was less than thrilled.  My athletic lower body does not equal the chopsticks I desired in order to wear this new cut of pantaloons.   I eventually bought a pair because the great thing is that if you're wearing boots constantly (like most NYC and Chicago ladies), skinny jeans allow you to slip in and out of boots without bunching and such. 

Visiting a girlfriend in Atlanta last year we went to a boutique and in a moment of impulse I bought a pair of these jeans.  One year later, these skinny ankle jeans are staples.  I love the amount of stretch they have so they're not too legging-like and they look SUPER flattering.  The ankle "Angel" jeans look fantastic with flats and are great to wear with boots.  I plan to buy more pairs of DL 1961's in the future and although not cheap, they are not so expensive that I feel silly spending $200+ on a pair of jeans.  (Although when you think of dollar per wear, for a good pair of jeans, it's not a bad place ot put your spending money....)

Without further ado, here are the DL 1961 jeans I would stand on a podium and endorse like a crazed lady -

All images via DL 1961.

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