Fresh resolutions

Hello 2012!

In this new year, I hope for many exciting new developments and want to remember all that I have at the same time.  I am not one for intense new years' resolutions, because I believe people should be evaluating and working on themselves year round.  I mean, in August are we all out to lunch?  But I do invite an opportunity to reflect and refocus.  Thus for 2012 I hope to ~

Make some more friends in my new locale.  Miami has been a great adventure for me so far, but settling into my niche has taken a little longer than I thought!  I hope to meet a few more fun, interesting, and nice people to call friends in my new home.

I really should floss a little more (ew, I know).  My chompers are like little magnets, so this might help me in my above goal in social situations.

I live in South Florida for Christmas sake!  I took a few group lessons this fall which were great and we have amazing public courts just a few blocks from our place, so I have no excuse not to up my game and get out there and play more.  Tennis was an early love of mine, and I'd like to become a decent player in 2012.

I am really enjoying our new abode and would slowly like to make a few more changes.  For instance, reupholstering our kitchen table chairs, framing a few old prints, and making small additions would continue to make our place even more homey and good looking.

A continual work in progress, I want to really try to be more patient and thankful in my everyday life as I continue to peddle on my launch pad to full-fledged adulthood.

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