Seeking juicer guidance

One of the major perks of South Florida living is the citrus.  It really is amazing.  I just got back from the first Coral Gables Farmers market of the season (in January, so crazy to me still!) where I bought a 1/4 bushel of grapefruit, some guacamole that would make you cry in delight, and a mystery fruit that we think is a very large guava.  (I am trying to force myself to speak more Spanish and the conversation I had with the woman at the stand in Spanish I think left us both more confused than anything, but it was $3 and "like a papaya" so I went for it.)  The grapefruit is honestly divine.  I cut it up in quarters to eat with a banana, but we also juiced one for a little glass.  It. was. out. of. sight.  The thought of juicing a couple grapefruit every morning for your weekday breakfast along with a hard boiled egg or some toast with apple butter (two of my morning staples) seems so luxurious I can barely stand it.  So we have decided to invest a simple but nice juicer.  I have begun my online search.  I would love one day to have one of those ultimate ones where you can throw in carrots, celery, anything, and the juice magically appears in a cup below.  But for now for the sake of cost and counter space, we'll get something more basic.  

Does anyone have any thoughts on this matter?  Any juicers that are great and/or we should avoid? 

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