Surprise finds at Sundance

Last night I did some extremely light reading, thumbing through the catalogs we've gotten this week before recycling pick-up tomorrow.  I opened Sundance, a catalog a cute former coworker loved and still reminds me of her, and was wowed by the options.  I was having a "I want" moment on almost every spread.  The relaxed, eclectic yet tailored looks were so appealing to me.  None of these clothes in my mind are trendy, just great pieces that you would hold onto.   Almost everything is more casual yet would elevate your look to something more funky and fashionable than my jeans, white t-shirt, grey cardigan trap I may-may not fall into at times.

Sundance has some great home things as well, but I'll leave that for another date.

Some pieces I especially loved -

All images via Sundance.

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