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This past weekend I went to one of two places I go for a cheap but fulfilling retail fix.  Since H&M has yet to grace it's presence on Miami (coming later this year, thank goodness), I went to Old Navy.  Old Navy has some great gems and "on trend" pieces that you can mix-in without the guilt of breaking the bank.

Old Navy currently has awesome shoes that look much more expensive than they are -

I was torn between the navy velvet and the shoes I ended up snagging (below).  They look super cute and would work with winter white cords or the burgundy would look cute with tights and a skirt as well as jeans.  The loafers are also very attractive and I think the green would be a great option for jazzing up an otherwise ordinary solid-colors day.  I ended up going with the more "Miami" option, picking up the gold version of these adorable slip-ons.  They look super cute with jeans, shorts and fit the bill for attractive walking shoes while traveling which is sometimes a struggle for me.  I have to be near-wheel chair to strap on my running shoes when traveling.  I just cannot do that tourist look (this is not to say I haven't broken down once or twice...).

I also finally bit the chambray bullet and picked up this great staple for 24 bones - why not?!  It was the first time I tried one of these shirts on, basically fashion 101 now.  When I put it on I felt like, "huh, so this is what all the fuss is about."  How did I not own one of these shirts before?

I highly recommend checking these gems out online or visiting your store, where you can truly go treasure hunting.  When bargain shopping it's very important to see the fabric, seams, and cuts in person to distinguish the gems from duds.

All images via Old Navy.

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